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Campfire Conversations. 

 What if you could sit down at a campfire and talk to Jesus about some of the really deep things in life? 

The Gospel of John records a series of conversations that dive into the deep end of life.

  • Ultimate Campfire Conversation (John 3)
  • Secrets (John 4)
  • Sin Not (John 8)
  • Go Deeper (John 21) 

 The Gospel of John is multi-layered..  We looked closely at the seven signs found in the book of John.  But not only does Jesus do seven amazing miracles to prove He is the Messiah and God in flesh, but he also enters into several deep conversations about spiritual things.

 These conversations that Jesus had are the kind you’d like to have with Jesus!  In these scenes.

The Lord discusses what it really means to be saved. 

He confronts a woman at the well with her deepest, darkest secrets. 

He stands toe to toe with religious leaders who want to stone a woman for adultery.  And he says something that is so radical, so offensive, it seems utterly impossible.

Jesus welcomes His disciples to a campfire and engages the disciple who denied Him at another campfire in a real discussion about what it means to follow Him.

I hope in the weeks to come you will find real depth in your walk with God as we engage with Jesus in these campfire conversations.   



Palms Baptist

seeks to be A Church. . .

 . . . that is passionate about Jesus

 . . . that will love you

 . . . that will love your kids

 . . . that will tell the truth.

 . . . that will love the poor

 . . . that will support military families

 . . . that hates sin

 . . . that loves sinners


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