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Sunday Worship 

9am &10:45am 

Nursery and Childcare available for both services



Wednesdays, 5:45pm (29awana.org)  





Breaking new ground with God is not easy.  because we get struck in spiritual ruts.  We get stuck in emotional pits.  We get tired and sometimes we are not even sure it's wroth the effort.


It's time to engage with God in a fresh season.  Come on, this could change everything. . . 


  • The driving power of a dissatisfied faith.
  • Breakthrough moments in your walk with God.
  • The lost art of awe.
  • Transformed by God through His word.
  • How to give my moods to God.
  • Gritty faith.
  • How to stay in love with Jesus.


Palms Baptist

seeks to be A Church. . .

 . . . that is passionate about Jesus

 . . . that will love you

 . . . that will love your kids

 . . . that will tell the truth.

 . . . that will love the poor

 . . . that will support military families

 . . . that hates sin

 . . . that loves sinners


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5285 Adobe Road, 29 Palms CA  

 (760) 367-3713