Biography: Pastor David Squyres

David Squyres has been pastor of Palms Baptist church since November, 2000. David is a graduate of California Baptist University. While attending Cal. Baptist he served as pastor of Lake Elsinore Baptist Church (he squeezed a four year education into five). He also worked as the associate pastor at Lake Elsinore, serving under Dr. James Staples the founding pastor.

While in college David met Rebecca Joy McCormick. He asked her to marry him on the Golden Gate Bridge. David and Rebecca have four children, Sharon (born 2000), Annie (born 2002), Susie (born 2006), and Miriam Joy (born 2009).

Why 29 Palms?

God put Palms Baptist church here for a reason. There is a unique purpose for our existence. Since the formation of this body of believers, well over a thousand people have been baptized! In the last two years we have seen over 80 publicly profess their faith in Christ by baptism.

We would expect a small church in 29 Palms to not be making much of a difference.... but God doesn't work our way. Palms Baptist Church is making a huge difference. We are seeing lives changed by God. I believe God can change America from 29 Palms. No kidding, I really believe that. How? Because of the church’s unique situation. We reach many military families (both Marine and Navy) who are only here for a short time. This is our opportunity to share the good news, get them excited and involved in God’s work and then in no time at all God moves them on to another place. But that's the beauty of what God is doing! God doesn't keep people here to just build a big church in 29 Palms, he moves people out into Nation to make a difference all over America and the world. The fire of revival in our nation could be started from the sparks sent out from 29 Palms.

A Conservative, Liberal Church 

Our church desires to be conservative in our doctrine and liberal in our love.


David enjoys preaching, writing and BIG roller coasters! "Most of all, Magic Mountain roller coasters. The ride up gives you a great opportunity to pray, and adds the needed urgency!"



Discipleship: My perspective

pastor.gifI think Christianity is often made into a big long yawn. God didn't create the Christian life to be that way.... but we have made it that way. A long list of “DO’s” and “Don'ts.” God never intended for his people to be legalistic rule keepers. He meant for us to “live life to the full!” The Lord we serve was a radical, and he wants to have followers who are radical. He wants us to be outspoken for our faith, to show truly incredible love! He doesn't want church to simply be a bunch of people listening to a preacher, he wants it to be a hands on experience. Church is where we get to love one another. It's where we get to serve.God’s purpose for everyone is to make us into the image of Jesus. He wants us to be like Christ! Now that's an awesome goal. Not just because we have such a long ways to go before we will ever be like Christ.... but because Jesus was a lot fun. He wasn't afraid to rock the boat (or just walk on the water, if need be).

Our goal as a Church is to show people the face of Christ, cheer them on as they seek to allow this radical to live in them. We support one another, pray for each other and lift one another up as we seek to change the world for Jesus.

Because Jesus died for us, we cannot be the same. We can't return to lives that are conformed to this world. We have a call from God to turn the world upside down with his good news. This takes a lot more than just listening to a preacher. It means confronting our culture with true love. Reaching out boldly to friends, family, loved ones. As we follow Jesus we naturally mature. To be His Disciple means we should seek to be every bit as passionate, loving, joyful as he was. To be His Disciple means we should also seek to be a servant like Him. Discipleship is not just learning what the Bible says, true discipleship translates that into opportunities to serve. True discipleship seeks the chance the confront our world!


A true disciple of Jesus is not ashamed, not afraid and unable to ever return to a normal life. We have been forever changed by the Cross and the power of the resurrection itself lives in us!