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A recommended resource list with links (image or text) that take you to Amazon.


Boundary_Stones_by_Aarom_Eby.jpg What_Every_Christian_Ought_to_Know_by_Adrian_Rogers.jpg Waking_the_Dead_John_Eldridge.jpg Wild_at_Heart_John_Eldridge.jpg

Pastor's Notes: Both of Eldridge's books are challenging. I find myself growing when I read them because I don't immediately agree with everything he says. I have to struggle with it. He thinks way outside the box, and we need that.

Purpose_Driven_Life_by_Rick_Warren.jpg Our_Jealous_God_by_Bill_Gothard.jpg When_God_Answers_Prayer_by_Bob_Russell.jpg Christ_in_the_Passover_by_Ceil_and_Moishe_Rosen.jpg


Sacred_Marriage_by_Gary_Thomas.jpg His_Needs_Her_Needs_Willard_by_Willard_F_Harley.jpg Love_Must_be_Tough_by_James_Dobson.jpg Surviving_a_Spiritual_Mismatch_in_Marriage_by_Lee_and_Leslie_Stroble.jpg


Pure_Desire_by_Ted_Roberts.jpg Sheet_Music_by_Kevin_Lehman.jpg The_Purity_Principle_by_Randy_Alcorn.jpg 

Pastor's Notes: Sheet Music is a good book to read before marriage. I have not read a better book that explains to a couple planning marriage what they should expect sexually.




The_Treasure_Principle_by_Randy_Alcorn.jpg The_Law_of_Rewards_by_Randy_Alcorn.jpg Money_Possessions_and_Eternity_by_Randy_Alcorn.jpg

Pastor's Notes: Okay, basically anything by Alcorn, you should read!

End Times


Pastor's Notes: This is by far my favorite book on the end times.

End_Times_Fiction_by_Gary_DeMar.jpg The_Last_Days_According_to_Jesus_by_R.C._Sproul.jpg Millennialism_by_Charles_L_Feinberg.jpg A_Case_for_AMillennialism_by_Kim_Riddlebarger.jpg

Classic's You Should Read

Your_God_is_too_Small_by_JB_Phillips.jpg Paul_Apostle_of_the_Heart_Set_Free_by_FF_Bruce.jpg Six_Miracles_of_Calvary_by_William_R_Nicholson.jpg

Jesus Man of Joy by Shirwood E. Wirt

Just Interesting Stuff


Pastor's Notes: This book is about the shroud of Turin.

The_Bible_Jesus_Read_by_Philip_Yancy.jpg In_the_Footsteps_of_Jesus_by_Bruce_Marchiano.jpg

Pastor's Notes: This is the story of the making of the Visual Bible's "Matthew." And how playing Jesus changed Bruce's life.

Just_as_I_Am_by_Billy_Graham.jpg Gods_Outrageous_Claims_by_Lee_Stroble.jpg Resurrection_by_Hank_Hanegraaff.jpg Life_Sentence_by_Charles_W_Colson.jpg Christ_in_the_Passover_by_Ceil_and_Moishe_Rosen.jpg

On the Church


Pastor's Notes: Based on the Church's five Biblical purposes, Rick teaches that all believers are ministers.

When_God_Builds_a_Church_by_Bob_Russell.jpg Can_We_Do_That_by_Stanley_and_Young.jpg An_Unstoppable_Force_by_McManus.jpg Courageous_Leadership_by_Bill_Hybels.jpg Church_for_the_Unchurched_by_Hunter.jpg

Bible Translations I Like



Pastor's Notes: NAS is the most literal translation I've found. Both NAS and KJV are word for word translations. NIV is called a "thought for thought" meaning it seeks to get at the main idea.


Pastor's Notes: This isn't even close to a translation, but it's one of the best paraphrases I've ever seen. Personally I think it's better than Message.


Pastor's Notes: If you don't have this, get one. I can't explain exactly what it is, you just have to see it. It was translated without trying to westernize the text. Names are correctly translated, and the books are preserved in their original Hebrew order.

Bible Study


F.F. Bruce

Herschel H. Hobbs

Pastor's Notes: (Look for an Exposition of the Four Gospels)

Gorden Fee

Archibald Robertson

Pastor's Notes: (Look for Robertson's Word Pictures of the New Testament)

Herbert Lockyer
William Barclay
T.W. Hunt
Warren W. Wiersbe

Pastor's Notes: These are a few of my favorite authors when it comes to serious Bible Study. I buy anything I can by these guys.

Names of God


Pastor's Notes: There are a lot of books on the names of God, most of them just borrow from Nathan Stone's work...so I figure just go right to the source. Stone's book is easy to read and one of the earliest works on the subject.

The_Names_of_God_by_Lester_Summrall.jpg My_Fathers_Names_by_Elmer_Towns.jpg The_Names_of_God_by_Ken_Hemphill.jpg Lord_I_Want_to_Know_You_by_Kay_Arthur.jpg

Can We Trust The Bible?


Pastor's Notes: This a great book. Of course, Muncaster is so smart it's a little hard to keep up with him. I came away saying: Wow, if people that smart believe, it almost doesn't matter if I understand the argument they're making.


Pastor's Notes: Stroble builds a compelling case for the Resurrection of Jesus. Of course, all the claims of the Bible can be pinned to this one event. If Jesus rose from the grave, then everything else is proven true. Using techniques he learned as a journalist, Stroble interviews the best scholars, hitting them with hard hitting questions.

The_Case_for_Faith_by_Lee_Stroble.jpg The_Case_for_a_Creator_by_Lee_Stroble.jpg The_Signature_of_God_by_Grant_R_Jeffery.jpg Evidence_That_Demands_a_Verdict_by_Josh_McDowell.jpg